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Reefdamsel's Coral Palace

My Brain Coral

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Okay, time to update my LJ.

I'm a college student at the University of Binghamton, NY, working to get my Masters in EEB (Evolution, Ecology and Behavior). That's biology, for those of you non-science types. I also work for the NSF K-12 fellowship, which means I am in the elementary school classroom, helping teachers teach science. It's a lot of fun, I love the kids and my teacher is AWESOME. She and I really have a blast with it. My masters research is on the male-killing bacteria of insects, especially ladybird beetles, so if you want to get into a conversation with me about it, have at!

When I'm not forcing myself to work through school stuff, I love to read science fiction, fantasy and trashy romance. I love computer games, role playing on the internet and with my friends (what we geeks call 'table top'). I'm relatively new to the whole table top thing, but I'm already quite obsessed. I also love to write, especially fan-fic, and when I'm bored, I entertain myself with all the good movies (everything except horror), anime, and my brand new PS2.

I have an gold-medal-winning group of friends here in NY and I would not be alive if it weren't for them. I'll be sad when I finish my masters in June or July and leave the state. I am otherwise single, and have never had a really serious boyfriend (have only ahd two in my lifetime, actually). From the looks of it, I'll be single for quite a while longer...