[Life] Decision.

I'm taking a sick day. I didn't have one class, anyway, the other is a piece of cake and I have 10 other people that could take notes for me. I e-mailed Mike and canceled our meeting. Now I'm going back to bed. If only those bloody birds would stop chirping long enough for me to catch some sleep.

[Live/Internet] Bagles.

My stomach is upset. My throat is dry and sore. I feel groggy. And I can't seem to catch up on sleep. It's like I can't sleep in past 6 or 7 and then I forget to make up for it by going to bed early. I have tons of stuff that still isn't done, a scene tonight, chickflick night tomorrow and bills to play, taxes to finish. *sighs* I just want to go back to bed and claim a sick-day. And my nose is stuffy. I HATE it when I can't breathe.

In other news, BU has a listserv sent out generally twice a week. It's a newsletter that I usually get and toss. Pretty boring, really. At any rate, yesterday, I got something from the listserve with the subject: ^_^ mew-mew (-: . It's message was:

I don't bite, weah!

21171 -- archive password

Weird... I thought. And, yes, I was suspicious. So I left it. This morning, I got five more similar e-mails, four from the listserv, one from Gary, our graduate secretary. and then there was a sixth e-mail from listserv:

Beware that a virus(W32/Bagle.h@MM) as been sending itself out onto the B-line listserv. Do not open any attachments from B-line.

Make sure your virus definitions are up-to-date. If you currently do not have a virus scanner you can download one from:

For more information on this virus go to

Whee, good to know. Just goes to show, don't open every package you get. It's good to give some thought about the e-mails you receive, even from friends. If I had gotten it from Gary first, I might have opened it, I don't know. Hmm.
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[Cinema] *cough*

I'm standing with shahani on this one, guys. We work so hard not to talk about movies or books online because it might spoil someone else's experience. And when we get to the oscars, we chuck those guidelines out the window? All I have to say is:

Shame on you!

At the risk of sounding like a scolding mother, or druidsfire, I realize that it is an exciting night for you, but please? I didn't really care, but I know /exactly/ where shahani is coming from. You all did it to me, too, when OotP came out and I was at my friend's wedding. Please be considerate?


That said... I don't like Mondays. It's going to be a long week.

[Life/School] Workworkwork

I started out intending to get a lot of work done today. One meeting and four hours of class later, I haven't evenf inished one assignment. But I knwo what I have to do. I'm headed home to finish my list of things that *must* be done tonight.

[ ] Pre/Post quizes tabulated
[ ] Synopsis for Mike
[ ] Homework for NSF
[ ] Comittee writeup, examples and references added
[ ] Tables for master paper started
[ ] Outlind for masters paper started
[ ] EEB term paper proposal written
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[Life/School/Future] Okay, folks

Alright, guys, here it is. The final stretch.

I once heard a professor say that many of his kids do their best work last minute - the catch was simply knowing what was last minute. Depending on the assignment, that's not always the night before. I have taken that to heart and for me, I am such a procrastinator that I can never seem to motivate myself to do work /except/ when it is last minute. It's horrible, but it's me. Well, we've reached it. For me, 'last minute' is emotional. It's a sense of panic that offers the addrenaline I need to buckle down.

Yesterday, I met with Dr. Stamp. She gave me her proofreading of my paper, then seemed to not care. DUH, Jenn. She didn't. She's gotten smart. Why waste time on me? She's done all she can. And she has /so/ much other shit to do. And that, I think, has lit my fire. My advisor has given up on me. I've never had anyone give up on me. I don't blame her one bit. I blame myself. And I /can't/ let her down. I've let so many people down this year. Andy, Mike, Tracy, Jeff, Dr. Stamp. It's just the horrible person I am. And it's time I took responsibility.

I've reached the last stretch. This last stretch is 5 months long and I'm going to get very tired very quickly. I'm going to come out of it battered and beaten (I've never been on pure adrenaline for 5 months before), but it is what I have to do. Please forgive me in advance. These are going to be the toughest 5 months I will likely ever have to survive. And they will be tough for all of you as well, if you want to stay by my side as my friends. If you do, you have my undying gratitude. If you don't, I do not blame you in the slightest.

I have always done my best to keep my LJ and any conversations light, because I know all of you have so many problems that you don't need mine. So, from here on out, I am going to designate another LJ topic. [Eeyore] will designate posts where I feel shitty or rundown. They will be rants and whines, so if you do not want to read them, don't.

I almost cried myself to sleep last night. I just prayed my heart out, then fell asleep. There will be plenty of time for crying in the months ahead.
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[Stats] Update

Stats time!

I brought minibuns to school today for everyone and they are going relatively quickly. Meaning, I should be able to avoid taking any home. :) Stats homework was easy when you use Excell to calcuate standard deviation. :) Now I have to sit through homework review. *sighs*

Laadidaaadidaa. I have Sarah Maclachlan stuck in my head. Whee! I brought a boombox into the office and we've been listening to Nyara's soundtrack. :) Following Sarah Machlachan with the Scarebears is a rather disturbing experience, I'll tell you that.

Okay, enough rambling for me. I'm just talking because I have nothing to talk about.

[Roleplay] And it continues...


[Public] Guest1 says, "Chopped up and fried... sauteed even, with some mushrooms and onions, perhaps. Your liver, say, with some fava beans and a nice chianti."
[Public] The carrot and his Garrett says, "No! My liver is off limits, too."
[Public] Guest1 says, "I know I wouldn't mind a go at your delictable .. spleen.."
[Public] Guest1 raises her brows.
[Public] Guest1 says, "Brains... Braaaaains!"
[Public] The carrot and his Garrett says, "My ears are off limits, my tail is off limits, my fingers are off limits, my spleen is off limits, my brain is most DEFINITELY off limits. My CARROT is even off limits!"
[Public] Guest1 says, "You have a tail?! :D"
[Public] The carrot and his Garrett says, "Dude, I told you I was a demon."
[Public] Guest1 says, "Oh yeah."
[Public] Guest1 says, "What about wings?"
[Public] The carrot and his Garrett says, "Nope."
[Public] Guest1 frowns.
[Public] The carrot and his Garrett says, "Sorry."
[Public] Guest1 says, "You're mean."
[Public] The carrot and his Garrett says, "What? It's more of a cute cotton-ball tail, anyway. Not much of a demonic one."

And... later.

[Public] Guest1 says, "Not my tastes."
[Public] The carrot and his Garrett says, "Bah. Octopi don't have tastes. You're just lazy."
[Public] Guest1 says, "I'm not an octopi!"
[Public] Guest1 says, "I'm the creature under Valerian's bed."
[Public] The carrot and his Garrett says, "Oh, thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat explains a lot!"
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